My #1 Travel Diet Secret

My #1 Travel Diet Secret


My #1 Travel Diet Secret.

My #1 Travel Diet Secret…

Are you ready for it?

Here it is…

Don’t stress out.

That’s it!

We took a family vacay to Cozumel and I left almost immediately after that for a week in sunny California for a work conference.  I am a homebody and all of that travel really threw off my game!   But oh, how beautiful!

Despite being off of my normal routine, I did manage to get a couple of good workouts in.  I tried to drink as much water as possible.

 But I ate. Whatever. I. Wanted.

Because that is what you do on vacation. Don’t try to live your life by super strict rules.  Eat healthy the majority of the time.  One day, one week, or one month won’t make or break your lifestyle.  You have to live your life in a way that allows you to actually enjoy it!

Travel can really throw things off in your body.  In fact, check out these 14 Scientific Effects Traveling Has on Your Mind, Body, and Soul.

I have been working really hard in the gym and am finally seeing some progress in my hamstrings and glutes!  Yay glutes!  It’s really hard trying to build a butt!!


One move that really helps with building strong glutes is the weighted hip thrust.  You have to try it!

Here’s a YouTube video to check out.  These are killa!  This is Jessie Hilgenberg.  Subscribe to her YouTube channel for tons of great workouts.  I’m actually doing her Muscle Building 1 program right now!  It comes complete with easy to do macro calculations.

Here are a couple of things to remember when you try this exercise:

  • Keep your back straight.  Do not round your back.
  • Plant your feet firmly.  The closer you move them to your bottom, the more you will work your glutes, rather than your quads.
  • Start off with light weight until you get the form perfect, then progress.

I really hope you try it and love it like I do!  You’ll have a bubble butt in no time!

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