Virtual Bootcamp

Shelly Johnson Fitness

I am so glad you are wanting to get started and focus in on your health and fitness journey!  


A Virtual Bootcamp is a community of ladies who are ready to take their nutrition and fitness to the next level.


This Bootcamp is hosted through a closed online support group in a Free private app so only the members of the group can see what is being posted. I do this so that you can ALWAYS feel comfortable to share and post your journey without fear of judgement or embarrassment on your personal profiles. This is a 100% safe zone!


What I do as your coach is help you customize your health and fitness goals to meet your needs. I help you choose the best Beachbody program to get to your goals depending on your interest and fitness level.  I want for you to have the best experience possible — working out and eating right should be FUN!


Then, you’re going to replace one meal a day with Shakeology for AT LEAST the first 30 days. It gives your body one meal a day that is SUPER-CHARGED with natural ingredients that will give you natural energy, reduce cravings, immune support, and help you stay full for the next 3 hours. If you decide to discontinue drinking it after those 30 days then that is completely your choice, but I promise once you see the difference your body feels, you won’t want to give it up! 🙂


You will also get tips about how to make HEALTHIER choices for the other meals of the day.  I’m here to help you with recipes, snacks, tips, and motivation to get through your busy day. You will have so many resources, you’ll never run out of yummy ideas to make eating right delicious and easy!


I’m going to keep you ACCOUNTABLE. Every day I’m going to post in the community page something to help you stay on track and every day you’re going to check in — your meals, a sweaty selfie, a comment on someone else’s check-in, a motivational picture, etc. We’re going to keep each other accountable and we are going to address obstacles that you face on a daily basis and help you overcome them.


We will be each other’s support system. Not to mention the other ladies in the wellness group who will be walking beside you on your journey too. They are your support team!


What makes this so DIFFERENT than anything you have tried before is that you’re NOT alone in your journey. You WILL have support and accountability to help you reach your goals.


This Virtual Bootcamp is now a place for you to come to find encouragement, motivation, friendship, new ideas, and inspiration while on your health & fitness journey. Your entrance with your fitness program gives you a LIFETIME membership to the incredible community and support this group provides.


I can’t wait to hear back from you and begin discussing your goals. You are just steps away from joining an incredible community of new FIT FRIENDS!


Sign up using this link or contact me at for more information!

I can’t wait to hear from you!