Working hard!

Got my mind right and my game tight!


I’m Gettin’ where I wanna be, one step at a time!  Finally, my triceps are peeking through! I hate how none of my definition shows in a selfie.  It’s all about lighting, right?  I’m pretty sure I’m just too awkward to get a good pic!

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My body is finally beginning to tighten up and show definition in all of the right places.  It has been a long slow journey, at least a year or two.  I have fallen off the wagon many times.  You just get back on and keep going!

the harderyou workthe luckier you get

Hard work is an effort that is often rewarded by self-satisfaction rather than by a completed task.  How hard do you work at all of the things in your life?  We often give our all to others but not to ourselves.

There are no quick fixes in creating a healthy lifestyle (tried them), no magic beans (ate them), and no special drink (drank it) to help you get fit.  It takes effort and time. Lots and lots of time.  To burn 1lb of fat, you must lose over 3500 calories.  Most healthy weight loss diets place you at a 500 calorie/day deficit.  Anything more and your weight loss will stall because your body is trying to conserve energy.

That 20lbs you want to lose?  Think 7 months.  Sounds like a long time, doesn’t it?  It is more rewarding to break your goals down into smaller increments, like say, 1lb/week or 4-5lbs/month.  Celebrate your small victories (not with food)!  Before you know it, that 20lbs will be history.  And you will feel the effects of all your hard work.  And you will keep going.  And you’ll be killin’ it!

2 thoughts on “Working hard!

  1. So true! All of it. I’m at 18-19lbs weight loss and I started in January. Totally ecstatic about my progress and that my little chicken wing arms are finally getting some definition.

    • I started out wanting to be super thin. I have never had muscle before and when I finally got some, I was hooked. I am by no means perfect or close to where I want to be, but I’m over being thin. I want to be strong.

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