The boys (Scouts) are back in town!

Hi all, school is back in full swing, which means that extracurricular activity enduring  participation is also back on!

My oldest child is a cub scout and our first camping trip is next weekend.  I have been packing for weeks  After this, we will be camping roughly once a month throughout the year, so I can pack once and only add things the next times.  I like to OCD everything and have large Tupperware totes organized for each part of our camp.  I have one big box for the tent setup stuff.  I have a kitchen box that includes the food we are bringing.  I also have an inside tent tote that includes personal toiletry items, clothes, and shoes.

During our trips, there is not much exercise to be done.  I mean, there is some hiking, but not much else.  This is my time with my family unplugged.  I don’t eat within my macros.  I don’t stress over it.  I just get back into the swing on Monday morning.  No biggie.  Because you know what?   Memories over macros.  We are putting chocolate, marshmallows, and candy bars inside of ice cream cones.  We are gonna melt those over the campfire in some foil pouches, and we are gonna love it!  I can’t wait!

Back to today, I am fighting a sinus infection.  I have only missed one workout so far from it and I’m trying to hang in there.  Maybe do some legs today.  My mom is on her way to bake some Halloween cupcakes with the kids, so I might sneak away for mommy time when she gets here.  Even if it’s not my best workout, it will make me feel great!

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