The #1 way to get your workout in EVERY DAY!

I promise, it’s not a trick!  There’s only 1 way you can make sure to workout consistently, each and every day!  What is it? Schedule it in!!!

Scheduling your workout ensures that it will get done.  Most people make their workouts an option, something that can be skipped if they don’t feel up to it.  Don’t be most people!  Extraordinary people take it to the next level.  If you want next level results, you need a next level mindset.

My recommendation is to get your workout in each morning, before work.  This way, you can’t have a bad day or make excuses not to go.  Also, studies show that we have more energy and endurance in the am hours.  Not a morning person?  Doesn’t matter!  Drink some coffee or a pre-workout supplement before you go.  I like for my supplements, but you can get them on, too!  According to Forbes magazine, most successful people workout in the am.  Join pros like Michelle Obama, Jennifer Aniston, Michelle Gass (CEO of Kohl’s), Tory Burch, Jenna Lyons (president of J.Crew), Anna Wintour (editor of Vogue), Margaret Thatcher…..see a pattern here?  Make it happen!

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