3 Tips to Avoid Weekend Weight Gain

3 Tips to Avoid Weekend Weight Gain

Weekends can be Tough

How you handle the weekend can make or break your diet plan and goals.  How many “start again Mondays” have you had due to a wild weekend of overindulging?  I know I’ve had a few!

3 Tips to Avoid Weekend Weight Gain

Here are some tips for staying on track through the weekend to keep your momentum going strong!


-Don’t treat yourself with food.

You can enjoy a massage, pedicure, a movie, time with friends, so many other things rather than using food as a reward.

-Remember the end goal

Think about how it feels to fit in to your clothes better or the confidence that you feel when you are staying on track.  If you need to, keep a recent picture of your self a your goal weight nearby so that you can refer to it when you are wanting to go all out.

-Enjoy but don’t splurge

You can enjoy foods in moderation without going overboard.  Perhaps just one glass of wine instead of 3 would do the trick.  Enjoy some fresh-cut veggies at the buffet as well as the entrée.  There are many ways you can scale back your celebrations and still stay relatively on track.

Maintaining your weight loss goals can be difficult at times.  However, when you have the right mindset and are willing to sacrifice a little, you will see a much bigger payoff in the end and will be so much happier with your results.

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