Life goes on…

If you’re from South Louisiana, you know that things here have been wild.  So many homes were flooded and many people are just at a loss for what to do next.  We were fortunate.  The water came within about 3 feet from our back door and then retreated.

Things are starting to slowly get back to “normal” or “new normal”, whatever that will be and we are adjusting to the increased traffic and rerouting of schools as best we can.  The people of Baton Rouge and the surrounding areas are strong.  This won’t bring us down.

Humor even during a flood2016:

I am back in the gym (I did a little flood eating) and back on a program.  If you are not familiar with Jessie Hilgenberg and her Jessie’s Girls programs, you need to check it out.  So worth the investment.  When you sign up, you also get access to her awesome facebook group which is very supportive.  No negativity allowed!

I have been working on leaning out a little.  Check out that calf progress!  I have been working hard at building muscle, now it is time to lean out and show the definition.
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