Just say no to negative thinking!

It is easy to be confused in the world we live in.  You can never be thin enough, rich enough, or just plain “enough” enough.  We talk down to ourselves (you know, that voice that is always in your head telling you “don’t eat that, fatty!”).  We look in the mirror and see disaster when the rest of the universe sees beauty.  God made each person different for a reason.  We are all perfect and special, no matter the place in our journey.  I challenge you to stop every time you tell yourself that you are fat or that you do everything wrong and tell yourself that you’re a great mom or that you have been killing it in the gym lately.  Tell yourself nice things.  Look for the good in yourself.  Eventually, you will believe it!

I think I owe myself an apology:
What if today you chose peace instead of worry? Or confidence instead of self-sabotage? Idk just try it and see how the day goes!  Join the #Bossbabe Netwerk (Click The Link In Our Profile Now! ) Follow @bossbabealex & @millennialrichgirl  now for more inspo!:

While we are at it, tell someone else that they are awesome, too!  You will be amazed at how you can change someone’s day!

I still remember kind words spoken to me years and years ago ... I hold on to them with all my might as I battle on towards recovery from the painful things in the past. Speak kindly ... You may impact a person more deeply than you realize.:


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