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How to change “Can’t” into “Can” and excel at life!

You are your biggest critic. 

Isn’t that what we have always been told?  How true it is!

That running dialogue inside your head telling that you aren’t good enough, aren’t smart enough, you’re fat, you can’t….  All of those negative feelings inside of your mind are what really keeps you from meeting your goals.  And crushing them.

girl on rock

In a way, these thoughts are a defense mechanism.  Your brain does not want you to leave the safety of your comfort zone.  It’s where you feel safe and secure.  When you consider doing something that is unusual or out of your comfort zone, your mind starts screaming negative thoughts to keep you feeling safe.  

Safe, however, is not where success lies.

The most successful people in the world are the ones who can shut it out.  They are the ones who feel a negative thought and redirect it.  They are the ones who decide that they can.  And because of that, they DO!

But what is that internal dialogue? 

What are the voices in our head?  According to psychologists, the “inner voice” is just a manifestation of our outer voice, but internalized and processed much faster.

So those negative dialogues that are running inside your head?  Those are your true thoughts about yourself.  What can you do about that?

Are you helpless to your subconscious?

The answer is NO.  Redirection is one of the best ways to quiet your inner dialogue and switch it from being negative to being positive.  If you focus and are more aware of the negative voice, when you think “I can’t”, you can follow that with “Wait a minute, YES I CAN!”.  Being aware and changing the negative voice to a positive one is the best way to overcome negative inner voices.

This is also a great way to add affirmations into your daily routine. 

We are taught to be modest when it comes to oneself.  We do not brag.  Thus, we find it difficult when the need arises.  How many times have you had a hard time talking about yourself in a job interview?  This is because our culture does not allow for it.  You should practice positive self talk both aloud and internally each day.  Positive self talk has the ability to help you believe you can accomplish great things and that you are worthy of good things.  That’s where the magic is!  Once you believe you can overcome, any problem becomes a small hindrance rather than a huge obstacle. 

I would love to help you work on improving your mindset as well as your physical fitness.  If you are interested in working with me as your coach, connecting daily with me and a group of like-minded women to support your journey, check out my Challenge Group page for your free health and fitness consultation.  I would love to get to know you better!

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