How to fight december overwhelm

How to fight December Overwhelm

The holidays can be a source of stress and strife for so many of us.  

How to fight december overwhelm

Between dealing with family (which can be super stressful) to navigating holiday parties while trying not to over-party, this time of year can bring about some overwhelming feelings that are difficult to sort through.  Sometimes sorting through the emotions of the season along with all of the responsibilities that come with it can cause us to shut down all activities that we feel are “extra” and “non-essential”.  Unfortunately, diet and exercise typically fall into this category.  

For someone who is on a health and fitness journey, this time can be especially challenging.  You’re torn between wanting to stay on track and wanting to enjoy the holiday along with the treats and fun to be had along the way.    

So I’m gonna ask:  Why can’t you?

We tend to have an all or nothing, “screw it” mentality when it comes to health and fitness.  We think that if we can’t be our version of perfect, then we should just completely throw in the towel.  But what if you didn’t do that?  What if you could enjoy some treats in moderation and still eat healthy the majority of the time?

I want you to imagine how it would feel if you felt great this month because you are treating your body right rather than feeling bloated, full, and even sick from eating a lot of junk food.  Eating healthy just makes you feel better and helps you to better enjoy the treats when they come.  

Here are a few action items that can help you stay on track:

  • Have a plan.  If you know what you need to do each day and have a time mapped out for that activity, you are more likely to follow through.  The same goes for food.  Knowing what your next meal will be will keep you out of the fast food line.
  • Have a 2 drink limit.  Drinking lowers your inhibitions and can cause you to overeat and temporarily forget about your goals.  Drinking 2 drinks allows you to enjoy yourself while maintaining control.
  • Eat before your go.  Eating a small meal before a party or gathering can keep you off of the buffet table, offering more opportunities for you to spend time with the people who make the holidays worth it.
  • Do your best to stay on track during down time.  Try not to snack in-between events.  Save up your snacks for those special times and the treats will be more enjoyable.
  • Get your workout in early.  Working out before things get chaotic can ensure you get it in for the day.
  • Drink enough water.  Drinking water can help you stay full longer.  It also eliminates some of the hunger you may feel when you are really thirsty.
  • Offer to bring a dish.  This gives you the opportunity to create something healthier to enjoy.
  • Don’t go back for seconds.  Stick with one plate of food.  Make that your rule of thumb.
  • Use small plates.  The smaller the plate, the less food you will require to feel full.  It’s a psychological trick!
  • Don’t sit so much!  Stand or walk around, but limit sitting to decrease your sedentary time.
  • Sleep!  Not sleeping enough can increase stress and waistlines.
  • Have fun and try not to stress!  Stress increases the hormone cortisol, which can increase fat storage.

I want to encourage you to put yourself first this Holiday season.  Eat well as much as you can manage.  Add some healthy fruits and vegetables into your diet and you will feel less of the winter blues from the added nutrition.  

Exercise every change you get, even 10 minutes is better than no minutes.  Find some way for you to move your body and you’ll find that you move your stress, too!  Take walks with the kiddos after dinner and get some awesome quality time in, too!  There are many ways to be active.

The bottom line is that by not giving up, by doing as much as you can to stay healthy and active during the holidays rather than striving for perfection, you will feel better, your waistline will feel better, and your overall health will be better.  Do it for you!  Don’t let overwhelm put you in the backseat.  You are worth it!

Talk Soon,


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