Bloggin ain’t easy

Hey guys,

I have a confession to make.  I fell off the wagon.  Big.  It was a two and a half candy-bar, 3 cookie kind of day.  I wasn’t stress eating.  I wasn’t having a bad day.  I was just hungry.



It was delicious.  And I’m not beating myself up about it.  Sometimes, you need to live.  Sometimes, a Heath bar fixes your life.  I didn’t blow my entire day.  I still ate reasonable meals and got all of my protein and water in.  I still worked out this morning.  I did cardio.  I’ll go back to my macros tomorrow, no regrets.

Speaking of macros, I had a great breakfast-for-dinner meal the other night.  Egg whites with onions and mushrooms.  Bacon too, of course!  It was great!



I have been seeing some fantastic gains in the hamstring and booty area.  Yes, I am showing you a picture of my butt.  But I have worked so hard to have one!! Look at that hamstring!


In other news, both kids have been sick with some kind of fever/diarrhea virus.  That means my awesome hubby has been home with them since he can work from home so I didn’t have to take off of work.  Luckily, it has passed and poop cleanup has slowed (but has not yet completely stopped  😥 ).  We have a cub scout camping trip this weekend and are very lucky that the weather will be cooler.  I will have to take some pics and do a little outdoors working out thingy for y’all.

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