Better late than never!

I’m back!  It’s been a rather crazy time for our household.  My site was not working well, so I had to have it fixed.  My in-house IT staff (my husband) finally got me back up and running.   Here’s what I have been up to.


Look at those shoulders!  Finally coming along!

I have dialed in my workouts.  Really trying to build some quality muscle so that when I cut in a few weeks, I’ll have the summer body I have been working on all winter.  That being said, meal prep has been a must.  Passing on things that don’t fit my macros and eating smaller portions of things that do.   I have noticed that the more I have increased my calories (and delicious, necessary carbs), the slimmer I have become.  I have not lost any weight on the scale.  I am eating so much food that I am stuffing myself at the end of the day to get all of my carbs in.


There is no quick fix to looking and feeling your best.  No pill, wrap, or drink can reverse what took years to create!  Only diet, exercise, and perseverance can get you feeling strong and healthy.   Fuel your body with the correct amount of carbs, fat, and protein and you will feel the difference!


Try this little Sunday Funday Workout!

Do 3 Sets of 12 of each exercise unless specified

Run 1/2 mile on the treadmill

Squat jumps (weighted hold a weight plate or dumbbell)

Push ups (place hands on a bosu ball to make it more challenging)

Medicine ball slams

Weighted step-ups

Run 1/2 mile on the treadmill

Have fun!!!



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