3 Simple Steps to Change your life

3 Super Simple Steps to Change Your LIFE!

I would love to share a story with you…


It’s a story about a woman with 2 children who felt so overwhelmed by life that she barely accomplished the “basics” of her life.  Do you know her?  Let me tell you more.


This woman was so exhausted by the end of the day that all she felt she could do was lay on the couch and watch the DVR.  There were no meals being cooked, there was no fun with the kids, there was no cleaning of the house.  She was just too tired.


That woman was me.  


Today I will share with you the 3 Simple Steps that I personally used to change my life and get the energy and quality of life that I deserve!  I am happy, my kids are happy, my husband is happy, even the dog is happy!

3 Simple Steps to Change your life


  1. Make A Decision


You have to put away the excuses and just DO IT!  Whatever IT is!  You know what you need to get done.  If you are short on time, limit Facebook.  If you are too tired, eat healthier.  If you need money, work a side job.  These are things that we don’t necessarily WANT to do, so we make excuses and procrastinate rather than doing the hard thing.  DO IT!.  You have to decide.  Oh, and no decision is still a decision.


  1. Make a List


What is it that you need to do?  You need to make a list so that you stay on track and have mini goals to work towards.  


In this case, if you need to be healthy, you should plan your meals and prep as much as you can ahead of time.  This helps you to stay on track with your diet, which is 80% of your results.  So for Meal planning and prepping, you would make a list of meals that you will create.  You can get ideas from many places, some of my favorites are Grocery Ads, Pinterest, and Food blogs (you could even search for recipes on this blog).  Once you decide what you will cook, make another list of ingredients that you will need to buy.  Now you can shop and prep.


If you want to start a workout program, you will need a list for that as well.  Think about what program you will do.  When will you do it?  Make a schedule (another list) of workouts, times, and progress that you hope to see.  If you want to increase the weight when you lift, you will need to add it to the schedule.


  1.   Make a Priority

You have made a decision, now you need to stick to it!  Schedule your workouts as an appointment in your phone.  This way you won’t miss them!  Schedule your prep time.  Do you need an hour on a Sunday?  Or will you prep on Wednesday night too?  Whatever you have decided to do, make it a priority like an appointment that you wouldn’t miss.  


To see change, you have to make change and it’s not always easy to do.  But I promise you that if you follow these 3 Simple Steps and make the changes in your life that are the toughest, like me you will soon be shouting it from the rooftops trying to share the “secret” with everyone you know.  

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What are some changes that you want to make?

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