3 steps to beginning a fitness program!

You’re thinking the time is right.

You’re ready to make a change.  You’re ready for a “new” you.  But where do you begin?  Here are 3 steps to help you on your way to becoming fit.

1.  Figure out what your goals are.

This one sounds easy, but think about what your ultimate goal will be.

Are you interested increasing your overall fitness level?

Are you interested in losing weight and keeping it off?

Do you want to build muscle for that “toned” look?

Are you underweight and are looking to gain weight and fill out?

Once you figure out your goal, write it down!  Studies have shown that writing down your goals creates a firmer resolve in your mind to achieve that goal.

2.  Identify your obstacles

Obstacles can be physical, mental, or personal.

Maybe you are a working mom and time is an obstacle.  If you want to exercise, you will either need to look at time-efficient home workouts or workout at the gym in the early morning before everyone wakes up.  Single mom?  Look into gyms with childcare.  Most people can work in 30 minutes to an hour each day if they budget their time and schedule it in.

Maybe you can only work out at home.  Either you can’t afford a gym membership or your lifestyle doesn’t allow it.  There are many workouts that you can do using only body weight, no equipment needed!  Search Pinterest (if you don’t have an account, get one-it’s free!) for body weight workouts.  They have some great ones!

What if your physical fitness level is low and you don’t know how to exercise?  You can start by walking.  Walk around the block.  My mother-in-law started walking circles around her yard.  Once you feel good doing that, increase the distance.  You can do this!  If you want to start with exercises, search Youtube or Pinterest for beginner workouts.  Anyone at any age can build their physical fitness level (check with your doctor before beginning any program).  You just have to be consistent and patient.  These things take time.

There are also those of you who just do not enjoy “exercise”.  To that I say that you can always find something to do.  It does not have to include traditional “working out” type activities.  There is dancing, home workout videos (try Beachbody.com), walking around the mall (with a little shopping thrown in), yoga and Pilates, crazy bootcamp workouts, cycling, and many more things that you can do that count as physical activity.  Try some new things for a month and see how you feel!

3.  Find ways to exercise that fit YOU!

There are workouts suited for everyone, you just have to know where to look.  If you need ideas for short or beginner workouts, try Bodybuilding.com or Beachbody.com.  If you need home workouts, try Pinterest.  If you want many different types of workouts, try Beachbody.com.

Other resources include Youtube and following people on social media.  I like SkinnyMeg.  If you go to her blog, you will find all of her social media outlets.  I follow Jen Heward (Hunnybuns Fit) on Youtube.  She includes lots of full workouts to follow.  Sarah Bowmar is another great trainer to follow.  Personally, I am a Jessie’s girl.  I use the Jessie Hilgenberg fitness programs along with flexible dieting.  Bottom line, find what you like and do that!


If you have questions, I would love to help!  Comment below and don’t forget to subscribe!




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