3 ways to be an organized mom

3 Simple Mom Time Management Hacks

“How do you do it all?”

This is a question I get asked time and again by other moms who feel like they are running an endless loop of the same day over and over again.  The truthful answer is:  I don’t.

Just like you, I am not SuperMom.  I am not perfect.  I have the same number of hours in a day.    My time is limited.  So the question remains, “How do I do it?”.

I am going to share with you 3 ways that I manage my time which allow me to be more organized and enjoy some of my favorite past-times in addition to keeping my mom game strong.  

3 Ways to Better Manage Your Time as a MOM

  1. Figure out what you can do simultaneously.  I know, multitasking means that each task only receives about 50% of effort and concentration.  Choose some things that do not need a lot of focus.

Can you set aside a few things in the kids’ closet to donate while you are hanging up clothes?  You can change the sheets while you make the bed?  Can you load the dishwasher as you dirty the dishes to save time?   Are you making cookies?  Make a batch for later.  There are many things that you can do at the same time that will save you extra steps (and headaches) later.

  1. What can the kids do?  Every day, you can teach your little ones the simple tasks that they will need to master some day when they have their own homes.  Let them sweep the floor while you are doing dishes.  Teach them to put away their own laundry.  Have them clean baseboards when they are in time out (my favorite).  They can wipe the toothpaste out of the sink when they are finished brushing their teeth.  Small tasks turn into life skills and habits.
  1. Think about which jobs can NOT be multitasked.  Does all of your attention need to be on dinner so that it doesn’t burn? Maybe things like paying bills should be done during a quiet time when you can devote your mind to the work.  Remember that some things need your undivided attention and find a way to make it possible.  This will save you time since it will not take as long and you will make fewer mistakes if distractions are limited.  Also, it will save you frustration as well.  Trying to multitask important work leads to frustration and irritation.  Check out this article on how multitasking could even be harmful for your brain!
Doing these things has allowed me to enjoy the “extra” things I like to do, such as working out and writing blogs.  Don’t get me wrong, some days there is no getting around life.  However, when you work smarter, rather than harder, you will be less stressed and able to serve your family happily rather than haphazardly.

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