3 ways to get your Protein in

Has it been a busy week for you?  It has been crazy busy for me!  That’s why I want to share with you my top 3 ways to make sure you get ALL of your protein in on busy days.

  1.  Rotisserie chicken!  One of these babies can give you enough chicken to create quick quesadillas,  sandwiches, chicken spaghetti, or you can just eat the chicken by itself!

2.  Frozen meatballs – You can buy turkey meatballs, italian meatballs, or even flavored meatballs (There are                some great ones at Costco)!  Mix them with red gravy (also known as marinara), barbeque sauce, wing sauce, or            ketchup!  They are great any way!

3.  Chicken Patties – Keep some pre-made chicken patties in the fridge or freezer.  You can use them for                           chicken burgers or you can crumble them.  I like to crumble them into spaghetti, stuffed peppers, or on a                       salad.

Try these simple ways to get the nutrition that you need when you are on the go!  Be creative and try not to wait until you are starving to prepare it!  Try to always have something quick on hand so you’ll be less likely to choose the unhealthy alternative.  Hope this helps!  Please share your quick meal ideas in the comments below!

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