why is blood sugar essential for your health

Why is blood sugar essential to your health?

Balancing blood sugar

Keeping blood sugar (glucose) levels low is very important to any dietary health plan. When blood glucose levels fluctuate greatly, you could feel confusion, moodiness, brain fog, hunger, headaches, and fatigue.  You may have trouble losing weight, too! 

When we eat foods high in sugar or white flour, our blood glucose levels spike substantially.  This, in turn causes a “crash” in our blood glucose levels, leading to the moodiness, hunger, and fatigue symptoms mentioned above. 

why is blood sugar essential for your health

Why should I worry about keeping a steady blood sugar level?

For one, a steady blood glucose level will limit food cravings.  When that happens, you are less likely to binge on foods that do not fit your health and fitness goals.

Lower blood glucose also reduces inflammation and causes your body to store less abdominal fat.

Out of control blood sugars can damage your organs.  Permanently.  It also causes decreased ability to heal wounds and recover from illnesses.

High blood glucose can increase blood pressure even more than increased sodium intake.


How do I maintain steady blood sugar levels?

Stay away from simple carbohydrates.  These are foods that can cause an increase in blood glucose and include, white rice, white bread, candy, soft drinks, cookies, cakes, and energy drinks.

Eat foods like sweet potatoes, berries, and nuts (almonds are great for lowering blood sugar).  Add lots of protein to your diet and feel full with foods that contain fiber.

Use cinnamon as much as you can. 

Exercise!  It increases glucose metabolism in the body, which lowers blood glucose!

Get enough sleep.  Blood sugar lowers substantially when you sleep enough.  Too little sleep, and your body has a harder time processing glucose.

Eat in intervals of every 2-4 hours


Take these steps to improve your blood sugar levels and not only will you feel amazing, you will see amazing results in your overall health.

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