5 ways to lose weight by drinking more water

5 Ways to lose weight by drinking more WATER!

5 ways to lose weight by drinking more water

Water Controls Everything

Think back to a time when you felt bloated or your clothes didn’t fit just right.

What was the reason?  Maybe you were at a particular time in your menstrual cycle, or took in a little too much sodium, or just plain ate badly…Well, you get the picture, don’t you?

There are so many things that can cause us to bloat.

The solution to this and many other health issues is not to diet more or differently (unless you have food sensitivities-whole different post), it is to DRINK!  Yay! Wait, no.  Not for recreation.  Drink more WATER.  The good good stuff.

See, our bodies are composed of over 60% water.  It is not 60% Diet Coke or 30% Sweet Tea.  Just good old-fashioned H2O.

Water is necessary for many functions of the body, such as staying alive.  This post will focus on how straight up water can and will help you lose weight.

1. It fills you up.

Hunger and thirst can produce a similar craving.  In addition, drinking a full glass of water before you eat can help you feel fuller, causing you to eat less at that meal.   It can also relieve that thirsty sensation so that you don’t engage in mindless eating when you’re really just thirsty.

2. Increase in exercise performance.

If our bodies are made up of water, then so are our muscles.  Full muscles perform better than shriveled, dehydrated muscles.  Hydration provides necessary electrolytes that keep muscle fatigue at bay.  This will create increased endurance.  Adequate hydration can also reduce joint pain which can be aggravated by exercise.  More water = More fluid between your joints.

3. Helps your body stop retaining fluid.

When you do not drink enough, your body retains fluid in an effort to reuse it.  Since your body can only last a couple of days without water, it works very hard at maintaining balance.  In addition, when your intake includes excess sodium, the sodium particles bind to water, causing fluid retention.  Drink more H2O, and you can help dilute the sodium in your body.

4.  Boosts your metabolism.

Eating and drinking burns calories as your body works to absorb what you are taking in.  Drinking water cold causes your body to work harder as it is warmed.  This can boost metabolism by 20-30% and up to 150 extra calories can be burned by drinking the recommended amount of water.  Try drinking a glass as soon as you wake in the morning.  Being hydrated can also provide you with more energy, allowing you to move more and have the mental clarity to resist cravings.

5.  Keeps you regular.

Water helps to detoxify the body through the kidneys.  Adequate amounts can help the kidneys filter waste out of the body.  Also, you will have the bonus of softer, more regular stools (poop!) as your colon draws in more water.


Things to consider:

  • You should drink 4-6 30 ounce bottles of water per day
  • Consider adding Mio, BCAAS, or fruit to your water to encourage you in drinking it.  Add-ins like lemon can aid in digestion.
  • Get a good quality reusable water bottle.  Take it everywhere.
  • Stay away from alcohol and coffee.  Both can dehydrate you.
  • Utilize an app to track your  intake.  There are many such as Waterlogged.
  • Keep in mind that you don’t feel thirst until you are substantially dehydrated.


Thanks for reading!  I’d love to hear your feedback!

Comment and let me know what other benefits from drinking H2O are out there!

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