How to begin blogging

Where to Begin?

How to begin blogging

How does something like this even begin?

I began my blogging experience by following a blogger called Skinny Meg.

Meg was chronicling her weight loss journey.  She has lost over 100 lbs and was a very motivating factor in my fitness and motivation.  She is a mother with 2 kids, she works full time, and she started out not knowing what to do or where to start.

Well, that sounds like me!

So I followed her and she motivated me.

Since then, I have educated myself on diet, different types of exercise, and become a better cook.  I follow a lifestyle called flexible dieting or iifym (more on that in another post).   I meal prep on Sundays and I workout at 3:45am if I have obligations after work.  My health and fitness are a huge priority in my life, not because I am self-absorbed, but because a healthier ME is a better ME, A happier ME.  When I am my best self, I can be a better wife, mother, and employee.  I am more productive with my time.  I make things happen.

So I am making this happen.  I am officially a fitness blogger, a lifestyle blogger, a whatever you want to call me blogger.  There are other interests I am pursuing as well that I will discuss as they develop.

Big things are happening here.  I’ve been praying on it.  I know it’s meant to be.

Join me as I sort through this new world and do may best to motivate you by showing you my life.  Real life where I make mistakes and learn from them.  I’ll show you food, workouts, family stuff, and whatever else seems interesting.  It’s gonna be fun, just wait and see!

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