5 Day Planning Tool for Beginning a Fitness Program

5 Day Planning Tool for Beginning a Fitness Program

Every journey begins with a plan.

“Fail to Plan or Plan to Fail”  

We have all heard this saying at some point in our lives.  People say it because it’s true.  A written out, visualized plan is the proven way to successfully reach a goal.

Here you will find a 5 step process to planning your fitness success story.  Take a day for each step, carefully thinking about resources and  courses of action that would best assist you in reaching your goal.  With a plan and determination, you simply can not fail.  Without a plan of action, your motivation will ultimately falter, having no end-goal or success to look forward to.

Day 1:

Goal Setting:  Use this day to really dig down deep and figure out what your goals are and what results you should see.  Do you want to lose weight?  Improve your blood sugar?  Gain more energy?  Think of what YOU truly want and why.  Do not linger on goals that are subject to other people’s thoughts or objectives.

Day 2:

Figure out the Food:  Food is 75% of any fitness journey.  Look at your goals and think about the best way to reach them.  Trying to lose weight?  Perhaps you need to eat in a caloric deficit.  Use an app like MyFitnessPal to track your food.  Go to a website like this one to calculate how many calories you should consume in a day.  Subtract 200-400 calories from that number and you have your daily calorie goal.  Do you want to lower your cholesterol?  Perhaps you should try a low-fat diet.  If you are looking to build muscle, perhaps you should consider tracking macronutrients.  You can find more information on that here!

No matter which way you choose to go, keeping a food diary of some sort is the best way to manage your food throughout the day.  You would be surprised at how much you eat that you don’t think about!  Even supplements have calories in them!

Day 3:

Decide on a Plan:  Find an exercise plan to follow.  There are so many choices!  You can take spin classes, begin yoga lessons, do workout videos at home, or lift weights.  Even walking around the neighborhood for an hour every day is a plan!  Any increase in your current activity level is progress!

Day 4:

Find an accountability partner:  Accountability can come in many forms.  There are Facebook groups you can join.  You can check in at the gym on Facebook.  You can ask a friend or your spouse to push and motivate you when you need it.  Just have someone available to encourage you in your journey!  There will be times when you will need it!

Day 5:

Map your success:  How are you going to measure your progress?  The scale is the worst indicator of true weight loss that you can use.  Throw it away.  If you are looking for weight loss, progress pictures and measurements are the way to go.  Take pictures from several vantage points and use a measuring tape to measure your waist, hips, shoulders, biceps, and thigh measurements.  This will give you a real, measurable idea of how you’re faring.   If you’re trying to lower your cholesterol, have labs drawn every 6 months.  If you’re trying to put on muscle, track your increases in lifting weight.  Decide how you will measure your progress and when you see results, your committment will double!


Hopefully, this gives you a strong, well thought out approach to starting a program.  I would love to hear what you are working on!  Please comment below.

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