4 Delicious skinny summer cocktails

4 Delicious Ways to Enjoy a Skinny Summer Cocktail

4 Delicious ways to make a skinny summer cocktail

Do you shy away from a fruity cocktail because you don’t like to “drink” your calories?

I did too!  Until I discovered these 4 Skinny Summer Cocktails!


I don’t know about you, but I love to have a nice refreshing drink in the summer.  Maybe I’m watching the kids swim or just hanging out on the front porch.  Either way, a nice cool drink is often just what you need to get through the summer heat.

Here are a few drink recipes I know you’ll enjoy!

Delicious Summer Sangria

This drink is sure to knock your socks off!  It is light and refreshing and you can eat the fruit afterwards, which is a bonus!

You will need:

1 bottle of white wine (fruity is better, like a Pinot Grigio or Riesling)

½ cup of light rum

1 can of sprite zero

1 cup of juice of choice (I used a diet cranberry-pomegranate that had 5 calories per serving)

Fruit of choice (I used strawberries, blueberries, and apples)

Pour it all in a pitcher and refrigerate.  Note:  The longer you keep it, the better it will taste as the fruit begins to add flavor.

This drink runs about 150 calories per 8 ounces


Tequila with club soda and lime

Tequila with club soda and lime

Sorry, no fancy name for this one.  It is what it is.  However, it is very tasty with lime juice added.

You will need:

A glass with ice

1.5 ounces (a shot) of tequila

6 ounces of Club soda (I even found a lemon lime version)

1 lime

Cut the lime in half.  Then cut one half into fourths.  Pour the tequila and club soda into your glass.  Squeeze all of the juice from the half of lime into your drink.  Add the other half as garnish or squeeze into the drink if you would like.

You can also crush some mint leaves and add those for a little more sweetness.

This drink runs about 70 calories.


Tequila with tonic and mint

Tequila and tonic with mint









This one is for the fellas.  Or ladies, if you like.  Basically, it’s the old gin and tonic with tequila instead.  I added some mint for a hint of flavor.

You will need:

A glass with ice

1.5 ounces (a shot) of tequila

6 ounces of tonic water (I found a diet version that was basically calorie free)

1 lime wedge

2-3 mint leaves, crushed


Pour all of your ingredients into your glass.  I like to squeeze in the lime wedge right before I drink.  Makes me feel sophisticated.

This drink runs about 70 calories.


Ole Faithful Vodka and Cranberry










We can’t escape it.  Vodka and Cranberry is one of the best “girl” drinks out there.  I helped this one skinny up by using a diet cranberry-pomegranate juice with only 5 calories per serving.

You will need:

A glass with ice

1.5 ounces (a shot) of vodka

6 ounces of diet cranberry juice

A handful of blueberries for fun


Add all ingredients to your glass.  Enjoy!  So easy!

This drink only runs 80 calories.



Ok, so this was my last drink recipe.  But guess what?  There are so many more combinations you can come up with!  You can use any combination of the mixers above with just about any alcohol.

Do you drink BCAA (branched chain amino acid) supplements?  Add a little alcohol after a crazy day!

Ever heard of Mio?  It’s a zero calorie water enhancing flavored liquid.  Make a Vodka and water and add Mio!  You can have Strawberry-Watermelon flavored deliciousness in no time!

You can also look at Choosing the Healthiest Drinks for some more ideas!

And for more posts from me about food, check out The best anti-inflammatory foods that you are not eating.

What are your favorite drinks to enjoy?  Comment below and let us know!


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