cooking hacks

12 Impressively Easy Kitchen Hacks

Shortcut to Homemade

Do you want to cook homemade meals for your family, but just don’t have the time? 

There are many ways you can “hack” the kitchen to create more quality time for you and your family! 

Here are some great ways to save time in the kitchen that are simple to integrate into your everyday life!

cooking hacks

Cook Bacon in the Oven

  • You can cook an entire package of bacon at once, without standing over it, in the oven!  Simply place strips of bacon on a cookie sheet in evenly spaced lines, pop in the oven at 375 for 15-25 minutes, and enjoy!  P.S.  You may want to dry them on a paper towel lined plate to drain excess grease before you eat them!

Cook chicken breast faster

  • If you want to cook those delicious chicken breasts a little faster, place them on a cutting board and cut them in half lengthwise.  Now you have 2 chicken breasts that aren’t as thick!  They saute and bake much faster this way, but still stay nice and juicy!

Make easy to peel hardboiled eggs

  • Boil eggs for 10 minutes in water on the stove top.  Turn off the heat and immediately place the eggs in an ice water bath.  They will peel perfectly every time!

Recipe calls for buttermilk?

  • Who keeps that stuff around?  All you have to do is add a tbsp. of lemon juice to 1 cup of milk.  Done!

Keep your pot from boiling over

  • Place a wooden spoon over the pot you’re cooking in, and you can stop standing over the stove!  The spoon will keep your pot from boiling over!

Use Rotisserie chicken for meals that call for chicken

  • Why spend time cooking chicken if you don’t have to?  Buy a rotisserie chicken (make sure you don’t get a smoky flavored one-made THAT mistake) and use it to cook a variety of things.  Ideas include:  jambalaya, chicken and dumplings, chicken stew, chicken and rice, chicken tacos, chicken nachos, BBQ chicken sandwiches, the list goes on!

Use scissors

  • When you can, cut chicken (you can cut this into cubes), steak, herbs, veggies, and fruits with kitchen shears.  It will save you tons of time!

Cut lettuce and leafy greens easily

  •  Roll them into a cigar shape and cut them from there!  Voila!  Storing lettuce and greens with a paper towel on top helps absorb the moisture and keep them fresh longer!

For quick scrambled eggs

  • Whisk eggs in a mug and microwave for 45 seconds.

To cook corn on the cob that is still in the husk

  • Wrap each husk in a moist paper towel.  Microwave for 4 minutes, cut off the bottom, and the husk will slide right off of your perfectly prepared corn!

To keep food from sticking to a measuring cup or cheese grater

  • Spray with cooking spray

To shred chicken quickly

  •  Shred with a stand mixer or with a hand mixer in a metal bowl.


Use these kitchen hacks to make dinners and food preparation faster and less stressful.  Your family will love you for it!

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