3 steps to beginning a fitness program!

You’re thinking the time is right. You’re ready to make a change.  You’re ready for a “new” you.  But where do you begin?  Here are 3 steps to help you on your way to becoming fit. 1.  Figure out what your goals are. This one sounds easy, but think about what your ultimate goal will […]

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Fitness news round-up

Here are some links to a few interesting fitness posts this week!  Please enjoy!   Check out this post from Chicagotribune.com regarding diastasis recti, a common problem in women who have had children.  The article, written by Masha Rumer, discusses diastasis recti and what moms can do to rectify your recti.   ShapeScale is a new 3D […]

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Tracking your food for your fitness goals

Tracking food for fitness

How you gonna track that?   Tracking your food is the first and most important step in creating a fit life. Diet is the most important concept to learn when deciding to make a lifestyle change towards fitness.  In fact, most women do not eat enough calories on a daily basis to boost metabolism and […]

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